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Class 12 English Report Writing Topics

Report Writing Notes Class 12 English REPORT WRITING 1. When you were driving back home from work, you were witness to an accident between B.M.W. and on Indigo Car. The driver of BMW can was seriously injured where as out of 5 inmates of Indigo car three had died on the spot and two were critical in the hospital.

  • 160+ Best & Easy English Speech Topics for Students - Leverage Edu English Speech Topics: For Class 8, Class3, Class 7, Class 12, For Students, Competitive Exams 2022, GCSE & More What are the current topics for speech?

  • Article Writing Class 12 – While writing an article keep the following points in mind: Study carefully the hints/points given in the ‘Verbal input’. Arrange the hints given in the order you want to develop them for the article. You may have some new ideas or views about the issue. Note down your ideas. Organise them properly.

  • 1.Deteriorating standards of living. 2.Women Safety and education. 3.Drunken driving-a threat to life. 4.Cleanliness. 5.Road safety. 6.Pollution (all kinds of pollution). 7.Drug abuse among youth. 8.Indiscipline among students. 9.Harmful effects of tourism on Corbett National park. 10.Inconveniece due to open manholes. 11.Traffic jams.


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